Hello Garden: Cauliflower vs. Mildew

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The garden is really starting to take off.

We harvested our first head of lettuce the other day, and our first handful of sun-sweetened red berries, delicious! As you can see from the photos, I’ve got a good amount of Sluggo laid down. I imagine this will be my last application, I just want the peas and the seed starts to get ahead of them a bit. Once the plants are larger, they’ll be left to fend for themselves. Our zinnias, beans and squashes that we planted just 10 days ago are already up and looking good.

Our broccoli seedlings continue to progress. I got some cauliflower starts from the garden shop down the street, but they’ve developed downy mildew…so those are definitely coming out. I’m curious as to the cause…could it be the mushroom compost? I haven’t had downy mildew on my cole crops before, so I will probably be quizzing my garden buddies to see what their thoughts are. This is my first time using mushroom compost, so I’m a bit suspicious. The cauliflower starts were planted high and dry in a raised bed and have plenty of air circulation, so it’s an odd problem to ‘sprout’ up. (Ha ha ha pun totally intended)

Note: If you haven’t seen the Hortsense website put up by the WSU Master Gardeners check it out. All kinds of great photos, so that if you do have some plant weirdness this year, like I did, it’s a great diagnostic tool.

Okay that’s all for now! I leave you with a few more photos. As you can see, I’ve put up a barrier around my poor dahlia which has been fighting off slug predation. How is your garden growing? What are you most excited to harvest this year?


This heirloom viola was a gift from one of our garden neighbors. Very pretty for salads!


Washing the lettuce roots before we take it home to eat, om nom nom.


We’re pretty excited about our “brainy” celosia. Do you think it will attract zombies??? Maybe zombie rabbits…


A Poem for Autumn



quiet sunlight

in the cooling days

spiders like apples

on the ground

late strawberries






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