A Suspicious Spate of Sunshine…

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This weekend we went for trudge through the daffodil fields outside La Connor. There might be almost twenty days until the official start of spring, but don’t tell the flowers that, they’ve decided to get the party started early this year.

As a native North-westerner I’m naturally suspicious of all this sunshine …where are the rains of winter? the bitter winds? the perpetual grey mist? have we made the gods angry? … but it’s hard not to enjoy it while at the same time… wondering how all this climate change affects the traditional planting calendar.

For example, my garlic is already six inches above ground and growing. And I’m really not sure if I should fertilize it with a high nitrogen organic fertilizer like I normally would, or should I wait in case it get’s cold again?

Crocuses, daffodils and heck even tulips are starting to bloom. It’s like some sort of bacchanalian blooming frenzy around here.

The flowers are confused people and so am I! Do I fertilize my garlic? Do I continue my late winter ritual of huddling in a coffee shop and reading way too much speculative fiction? OR should I be drinking my latte in the out of doors, and feeding my plants?

What do you guys think? (Help!)


Can’t open my eyes…so much light!




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