Seed Lust: So many Vegetables, so little time!


I’m pretty sure I have way too many seeds to plant our little patch. There’s the seeds from last year, there’s the seeds from my work and then there are the seeds I still plan to buy.

In hopes of maximizing the space,  I plan to go more vertical.  I’ve procured some ‘Trombetta di Albenga’ seed, an Italian heirloom summer squash. I’ve heard that they kind of taste like artichokes. Artichokes? I am so wayyyy into that. Also, the vines are vigorous and will clamber across a trellis willingly. Perfect for a tiny p-patch.

I also can’t wait to see what happens with the ‘Watermelon’ radish seed. It’s a Chinese heirloom that produces up to four inch wide roots with pink crunchy flesh. Hello salad! We love beets and carrots, so there will of course be many, many plantings of those. Walla Walla sweet onions are a staple with us. We’ve also got some garlic already in the ground. We’ll definitely grow some radicchio, and Russian kale.

Because we live on a busy street, one of the things I’m looking forward to the most this year is just spending time in the garden. It’s located in Happy Valley, and surrounded by fields and pretty woodland. Last summer I would catch the bus with my garden tote and go work in the garden and sometimes just kick back and enjoy the serenity. I even…gasp!…often turned off my phone. It was great to unplug, and I hope to continue this healthful habit in 2014.

Are you planting a vegetable garden this year? Here’s some great tips for garden planning from Red Dirt Rambling, a fantastic garden blog out of Oklahoma.

Two things I would definitely agree on are… 1- Plant vegetables you like. If you’re going to go to all that work, don’t plant something you don’t particularly enjoy. Hate carrots? Don’t plant ’em! Love beets? Plant lots!

2- Don’t forget flowers. My dad always planted flowers in his epic (and when I say epic, I mean epic, his gardens were ridiculously awesome and productive) vegetable gardens.

They add a lot of color and texture and attract beneficial insects…not to mention one lovely side affect….happiness. Who can’t feeling happy looking at this?


Lastly, I want to say, maybe think about your critters while planning your garden. Do you have dogs, chickens, cats or guinea pigs? You’ll definitely want to make sure to protect your baby vegetables from pecking chickens or exuberant puppies, but there are also ways to share your garden with your furry or feathered friends, which can be a lot of fun.

Our cat loves to chase bugs and watch us garden. Occasionally she sits down on the odd lettuce seedling, but we’ve learned to protect tender plants from her lounging tendencies. And she is so happy in the garden! (See below)


How about you? Do you share your garden with any critters? What are your plans this year? Are you growing anything you’ve never grown before? What are you most excited for this spring?


~This post was inspired by the ‘Grow Write Guild’ prompt #19. Like to write about gardening? Find out more here.~






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