Thrifted for the Home: Drawer to Shelf


Today I want to share a fun and simple project that I did with my Dad awhile back. I needed a cabinet for my bathroom. Rather than paying for new lumber, I was able to find a drawer and some plywood for shelving at the friendly Re-Store in Bellingham.

I didn’t own all the tools I needed to complete the project, so my Dad brought some of his. After converting the kitchen into a temporary woodshop, we put this shelf together one afternoon.


It was a fun way to spend some time with my Dad, and for just a few dollars I ended up with a useful shelf for my bathroom. Here’s the materials we used:

  • Old drawer
  • Junk plywood
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood staples
  • Old garden stake (for shelf supports)

As for tools you can see that we had a staple gun with a compressor, a portable table saw (How cool is that?) and a square. We also used my screwdriver and a level to hang it. (Yes, we used wall anchors.) How about you? Have you repurposed anything for your home lately?

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