hello Garden: Late May

I trundled over to the garden after work the other evening. My car smelled of soil, there were muddy tools piled up in my backseat, jumbled up with empty oil bottles and old napkins. It had rained most of the day, but after dinner the skies cleared and I wanted to shore up my defenses against the recent onslaught of slugs. The warm, damp weather has been perfect for them, but also for seed germination.



In the cool rains of April, it can be weeks before you even see the tip of a sprout. What a difference to May. Just last week I planted some buttercrunch lettuce and broccoli seeds. You can see below that they were up, and looking sturdy.



What’s more, seeds that I had given up on had suddenly decided to sprout after all. Including some leek seeds that were several years old. The dahlia tubers that I bought at NWFGS had transformed from tiny sprouts to thick clusters of new growth.



With the sun and the rain and the warm soil, this is the time of year when plants really start to grow with a capital G. And it’s so much fun for vampire gardeners like us. That’s what my better half and I call ourselves. Our presence at our community garden is so often at twilight, after work…just taking a little time to weed and care for things. Weekends we like to catch up with friends and family.



But as the old farmers say, “the best fertilizer is the gardener’s shadow”. So while we’re not at our garden for large chunks of time. We are there for bits at a time. And right now it all becomes worth it

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