Nesting and a Fall Bucket List


Tonight we’re making roasted garden vegetables and pork roast for dinner. We are nearing the end of our beet harvest, oh dear. Every year we plant more, and every year we seem to gobble them up before we can try anything fancy like overwintering etc. This year though, we’ve got some seedlings started, so hopefully we should have beets by early spring.

Today was such a autumn-y kind of day. I experimented in the kitchen while kitty snoozed on the couch. In between cooking projects this afternoon, I decided to make a fall bucket list. And then when I saw this pin, I decided that a fall bucket list is way more fun in the shape of an apple.

fun apple

I’ve already done some of the things on this list. (see previous post here) But I can’t wait to make molasses cookies and jump in big piles of leaves. I’m also excited for tromping through mud puddles and maybe some impromptu stargazing. (With lots of blankets of course) How about you? What sort of autumnal antics are you planning?

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