Our Front Bed: Before

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We have big plans for our new yard this year. To start with, there’s a lot of ivy and we’d like to get as much of that out as we can. But we also have ideas for planting and the construction of different garden rooms that we are hoping to get started on very soon. I thought it would be fun to share a few before pictures of areas that we plan to ‘makeover’.

Let’s look at this space at the front of our property to start. It borders a busy street. As you can see, a guard rail has been put up at some point in the past and I imagine it is well needed. That said it’s not the most attractive frontage, so here are a few ideas we had in mind.

DSC_0241We want to pull as much ivy as we can get at down from the trees here. And then in this corner, I was thinking it would be nice to put a bench and plant a fern garden. I’m thinking of it as the fern ‘grotto’. Not a cave literally, but a snug little area that feels cave-like with a variety of ferns and maybe some flowering currant to create a sense of enclosure.

DSC_0248DSC_0246I was so excited to find this hummingbird-friendly mahonia growing out front. And I hope to incorporate a lot of natives into this bed. They’re so beautiful and I love that they attract wildlife. I’d like to include some evergreen huckleberry here as well.

We’ve got to pull a lot of these logs out in order to get at the ivy underneath, but I plan to work them into the final design for this area.

DSC_0228Here is a view of the bed from the back. I haven’t been able to identify the bright green leafy plants at the lower center of the picture. I may leave them until spring, to see if they have any blossoms that might give me a clue. As you can see, between lovely yellow power line stabilizers, the guard rail and picturesque mailboxes…this is a tough area. Nevertheless, I think it can be made into something that both we and the neighbors will enjoy looking at.

What do you think? Any suggestions for this area? Are you remaking any of your garden beds this year? I’d love to see what projects you’re working on!

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