Book Crush: Smitten Kitchen


My current crush is the Smitten Kitchen cookbook written by one of my favorite bloggers Deb Perelman. My better-half brought it home for me on Christmas Eve and I immediately began paging through it.

I’ve been following her blog for sometime now because I love the photography but most of all I love her recipes, which somehow manage to be interesting and eclectic without being pretentious. She never uses expensive ingredients that I can’t afford, and if she does use something a bit off the main aisle of the grocery store it is with extremely good reason!


Another great aspect of Deb’s recipes is that she doesn’t add any steps that are unnecessary. If she tells you to…oh I don’t know separate your egg whites…it’s because she’s tested the recipe both ways and has made sure that the end product is actually worth the extra effort. I love that she cares enough about her readers to check for that and also that she’s curious about it in the first place. Many of my best baking moments have been a result of such curiosity.

Speaking of desserts….omg. Her book, which I should add has many recipes you can’t find on her website, has so many great desserts. So far I’ve made the apple cake…so good it could compete with apple pie and something called grapefruit- olive oil pound cake…oh my holy citrus taste explosion…

Below is a little peak at the inside of the book…as you can see I’ve already started writing in the margins…and I have a feeling this will be a much loved book for many years to come in our household.

Cookbook Collage



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