New York in late fall: a giddy ramble


I recently had the opportunity to visit a friend in New York City, my first trip to the Big Apple. It was late November, a rather dreamy time to visit this city. Fall color was in full bloom and the holiday decorations were just going up. I had a grand time wandering around the city with my friend, and on my own. We sampled some of the best gluten free treats that the city had to offer and enjoyed special events like a European-style Christmas market that had sprung up in one of the parks.

It was a surprise to me, but this trip shifted my perception of chrysanthemums a bit. Now I know there are many gorgeous and super fancy chrysanthemums out there. But when I think of “mums”, I think of racks and racks of dusty smelling, homogeneous mops of color that arrived at the nursery every fall where I worked in my twenties. To me they were a harbinger of winter and my least favorite season at the nursery, that dead time after fall planting but prior to the holiday rush.


These plantings I came across while wandering, got me thinking about what can be done with the standard “mum”. I went a bit weak when I saw this planting of mums, ivy and deliciously limey Colocasia. I also thought the border planting in front of the library was quite nice. Maybe I’ll try an en masse planting of mums in my garden this fall.

All in all, I’d say a walk around New York City in the late fall would be pretty inspiring for your average plant nut like me. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but there were all sorts of beautiful container plantings in front of hotels, eateries etc. I’m curious how many of my other fellow garden bloggers have been to NYC recently. Did you see any plantings that really made you go swoony? And where do you stand on mums? It mum be asked. 😉

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