The Fondant Trials


Just want to share a little adventure I had over this past weekend. I’ve never been particularly interested in exploring fondant. I’m generally more intrigued by cakes like this or this. Taste and texture are the two things I care about most when it comes to cake. And the rumors I’d heard of rubbery fondant just turned me off.

That said, when you’re adorable six-year old nephew asks for a Godzilla cake like this. Then one realizes it’s time to branch out.

I looked around the web and decided on marshmallow fondant for my first efforts. People seemed to have good results with it and the ingredients were cheaper!  I went with this recipe because contrary to all the other gloom and doom intimidation tutorials, she was the only one who said to have fun with it. I knew this lady was my kind of baker. After all why else do we do this?

baking test

Gentle Reader. This fondant tastes great! Like candy-coated cake. And as my husband pointed out, “If you can make pie crust, why are you afraid of fondant?” Indeed. And the best part is you can’t overwork it…so ‘easier than pie’ to say the least!


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