Making Taiyaki & the Shinjuku Greenhouse

Taiyaki on a plateP1070832 P1070834

The other day we made ‘fish’ pancakes with our taiyaki maker that we bought in Tokyo. We had some at a street vendor outside an Inari temple, and immediately made it our mission to find something on Kappabashi street in the kitchen district that would allow us to make our own.

Since this was our first attempt, we just made a random waffle batter recipe and went for it. We didn’t have the beans to make the genuine filling, so we substituted with mashed bananas and chocolate chips. They were very tasty. That said, we both love bean paste and are excited to make some with a more traditional type of filling as in this Cooking with Dog video.

All this got me thinking about our visit to Shinjuku Park and the greenhouse there. Friends, I have to say that this was definitely one of the most interesting and unique collection of plants I’ve seen. From the mind-boggling collection of orchids to the fantastical Dr. Seuss-essque tropical plants, we spent the better part of an afternoon wandering. Below are a few pictures of what we found.

IMG_5397IMG_5373IMG_5364IMG_5313IMG_5349 IMG_5350 IMG_5385 IMG_5378 IMG_5376 IMG_5368IMG_5338 IMG_5322IMG_5352

The plant above, Heliconia mariae, was my favorite. At first I thought, there’s a giant cockroach in that tree! But no, those are blossoms actually. The plant world is truly amazing, and methinks when I have my own greenhouse, I may have to send away for some of these. Have you ever seen a plant like this? What’s the most bizarre plant you’ve seen? Happy Tuesday all!

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