Wayfaring: The Whatcom County Farm Tour



Happy Monday Friends. Today I have a few pictures for you from the Whatcom County Farm Tour. A total of 9 farms and 2 wineries participated.



distilleryWe sampled the local produce, rode a tractor-train, tippled some apple gin and best of all met all kinds of farm critters. Frisky barn cats, soft-nosed ponies, shy cows, parading turkeys and even two little baby lambs.


Goat2We learned from the farmer that these two little guys are of an ancient breed off the coast of Scotland called, “Soay“. Historians have theorized that this relatively small breed (adult rams only get up to 95 lbs) were spread among the islands by Vikings who carried them on their ships with them. Another fun fact is that they naturally shed their wool in the spring and early summer, when you can pluck it right off their backs.


My husband was of course thrilled to be in a working apple orchard. He LOVES apples the way some people love chocolate or oysters or beer but MORE.

Apple2FeetWhat were your adventures this weekend? Did you do some exploring? Or snuggle up on the couch with a good book? The weather was certainly perfect for it, as you can see from my wet tennis shoes!

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