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  1. Hi Erin, love your web sight! Can you send me regular email updates? I would love to get them. I know it’s skewed to Northwest gardening, but I love to see that also. Your fall basket can’t be done here, however it gave me ideas for a desert one. Keep up the creative work and inspire me! Hopefully I can get regular installments from you. Love, Uncle Craig

    • Hey Craig! Glad you’re enjoying it, thanks for reading! I’ve been wanting to do a succulent post one of these days soon. I imagine you can get all kinds of beautiful succulents down in Palm Springs. One of my fave bloggers just did a post on succulents, here’s the url:

      As for e-mail updates, so glad you asked! I just added a subscribe button, which you’ll find on the right sidebar just below ‘Archives’. 🙂 Erin

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