Hello garden friends!

My name is Erin, and I’m a blogger/gardener/bookworm. This blog Blackberry Burrow is named for the super fun forts my sister and I built when we were kids. I have lots of happy memories of crawling through blackberry bushes, catching frogs in the creek and playing in the woods that surrounded our home on the Olympic Peninsula.

For most of my adult life, I’ve worked in garden nurseries or other jobs that keep me outside soaking up the vitamin D. I like to garden, hike, bike, kayak and basically anything that gets me outdoors to play in ‘the wide world’.


This blog is a reflection of that, a place of sanctuary (much like my garden) and a place for sharing and growing. I started it as a way to connect with other gardeners and nature enthusiasts. So far I’ve met some really great “tweeps” online and have learned a lot from this amazing community.

When I’m not blogging, I’m working as a “garden ninja for hire” in the city of Seattle, where I’ve been happy to dwell for over a decade. Currently, I live with my rad husband and three contrary but adorable cats in a little house at the edge of the city.


Most of my personal gardens over the years have been urban gardens, a combination of containers and small beds. I’ve also been lucky enough to grow in communal garden spaces which occupy a special place in my heart. I am passionate about community gardening as well as small space gardening. I like to grow things I can eat along with natives and other ornamentals.


I post on this blog a few times a month. Gardens and spaces that inspire me, current projects, recent garden reads and other nature-related maunderings. All photos I’ve posted here are mine, unless otherwise noted, so please be groovy and give proper attribution.

Feel free to contact me at blackberryburrow{at}gmail{dot}com with any garden questions, ideas, collaborations or general thoughts. I love to talk plants and gardening.

Thanks for visiting!