What Does Your Garden Say About You?


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In a recent ‘Grow Write Guild’ post, Gayla Trail challenged her fellow gardeners to contemplate how their garden reflects their identity. I find this to be an interesting question. Between growing at a community garden, volunteering with Master Gardeners and working as a horticultural professional, I am surrounded by gardeners from all walks of life, with all manner of experiences and memories.

The pictures above are from a garden I was lucky to help tend while living in Norwich. The gardeners were an older couple, who were quite devoted to each other. They’d gardened in that spot for many, many years. I loved working in that garden. The lush and colorful foliage, the interesting collection of plants and the relaxed flow of the space felt like a tangible expression of my clients.

And so, I thought it might be fun to turn this question to you…I’d really like to hear about your garden and how it has evolved over time. Below are a few questions to get you started…

Question-y Questions: What does your garden say about you? How long have you worked in this space? Does it reflect your original vision? How has that vision metamorphosed over time? What would you like to change about your garden? What would you like to keep forever? What sort of memories are connected to your garden?

If you e-mail the answers to me (erin[at]blackberryburrow[dot]com) and a few pictures, I’ll post them next week!

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