Hello Garden…RAWRrrrr!


Today I went down to our garden patch and started digging up the soil for new garden beds. We’ve rented a second patch this year, which means we’ve got about a twenty foot by twenty foot space. I’m so excited. This is probably one of the bigger gardens we’ve had in awhile.

While I was digging up old roots and the odd buttercup today, I dreamed about putting in some blueberry bushes and how we would construct our deer fence for the new patch. We’ve got some four by fours leftover from last year, so I might just use those rather than buying fence posts.

It was so sunny today. Sunny like wearing a t-shirt and not even being that cold kind of spring weather that makes you want to jump up and down and dance around and plant a million seeds all at once. We’ve had a spate of cold weather as you can see from my pictures. It was so fun to have snow, but I’m glad I waited for a few weeks after the melt to start gardening.

I used to be an early gardener, but I’m finding that I enjoy my garden a lot more, when I can be patient and wait for the warm days to put my garden in. I don’t get any less of a harvest, if anything the plants seem to thrive in the warmer soil. I’ve become a believer in garden procrastination I guess you could say.

I know I’ve been a bit AWOL on this blog over the winter. But I did get my garden on a little bit via the Master Gardener’s class I decided to take this winter. I’ve never had any botany or pathology or really any formal horticultural education. So really I’ve been enjoying this class immensely. The section on soil science I wish could have gone on for a few more weeks. It was FASCINATING.

The best part about taking the Master Gardener’s course is that once you get through it, there are more classes you can take as a “Master Gardener” in a range of subjects. So the education is ongoing and you also get to volunteer in the clinics and see all the interesting plant diseases and things that come through.

Last Saturday I taught my first vegetable gardening class ever. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and the idea was bandied about last spring when I first got hired at my nursery. I don’t know about you, but the more I learn about a subject, the more I feel I don’t know. So I was really nervous to teach the class. Like ridiculously nervous. Then it all just kind of came together. Once I got up to talk with the class, I realized I knew a lot more than I thought I did, and it became kind of a conversation and it was SO MUCH FUN. (Forgive me for the proliferation of all caps in this post, we all need them sometimes right?)

At any rate, that’s where I am garden-wise right now. Just getting started, with a whole bag of seeds ready to plant but still some soil prep to do before the planting begins. I LOVE this time of year.

Where are you with your garden? What do you think you might grow this year?

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