A Jade to Cuddle With


Houseplants are easy to love and especially dear in the winter. When endless rains lead to more days of damp and gray, a trip to the plant store can really brighten your mood.

I found this, my latest crush while poking around my favorite micro-garden store. The dealer…ahem…plant lady told me that it’s called a “Spoon Jade”

Note the “Snork“-like leaves in deep green tipped with red and dappled with little white spots. A plant this glorious needed a suitable container. So I hied myself to the local thrift store and found the perfect pot. With one caveat…no drainage hole.


Now I know that planting a succulent in a pot with no drainage is generally considered a bad idea, but I thought might be able to get away with it as I’ve seen others do with pebbles in the bottom.

What do you think? Is this jade doomed or does it have a chance? I plan to water quite sparingly, so I’m hoping that it will thrive as long as it has enough light.

Have you acquired any new houseplants this winter? So far besides this jade, I’ve taken on an orchid, an echeveria, and a fuzzy-leaved kalanchoe. It’s so nice to have green growing things in your home this time of year, isn’t it?


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4 thoughts on “A Jade to Cuddle With

  1. Ha!!! I am dying because we call them “Snork Jades”, too! It is nice to know their official name now. I bought one several years ago, and since its purchase, I have divided it multiple times and given away cuttings as gifts. They are so hardy and beautiful…and alien world-like. I stole a moment and hit the Denver Botanic Gardens the other day, on an especially cold and snowy day. They are hosting the most beautiful indoor orchid exhibit. You are right about visiting a plant store {“dealers” – dying again!} or a garden, when it is cold and dreary. So transportive. πŸ™‚

    PS – I think you’ll be fine with that container situation. I have a couple of my jades in solid containers, and they are surviving. I just put a good layer of pebbles at the bottom and also water sparingly. Good luck!

    • Hey Jayme! Ha ha yeah they totally look like Snorks to me. :-)Glad to hear that you don’t think it’s doomed. I was a little worried, but couldn’t resist the glamorous container. An indoor orchid exhibit sounds so awesome today. πŸ™‚ It’s raining buckets here. Do they have orchids at the Denver garden year round?

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