Hello Garden: Weeding and Winterizing


This one picture is pretty indicative of where our garden is at right now. With a busy September, that involved some harvesting but very little weeding, our little patch was definitely ready for some TLC.


One of my main tasks was to weed the rows between beds which had been taken over by dock, buttercup and other familiar “enthusiastic” volunteers. I also wanted to put down some cover crop and a little straw mulch, to keep the rains at bay and help create good soil tilth for next spring.

IMG_20141106_103734889 IMG_20141106_103740312

As you can see, I definitely had my work cut out for me. I pulled out the last of our beets and carrots, as well as a little garlic. One thing I’ve learned about myself over the years, is that I’m definitely not a winter gardener. Or at least not at this point in my life. Maybe, if I was gardening at home or I got an office job and really, really missed being outside, that might change. But for now, I am happy to put my garden to bed come winter and save the rainy garden days for my clients’ yards.

IMG_20141106_114730744 IMG_20141106_114758534

Here’s a couple shots of the cover crop seeds I planted. This year I’m trying a mixture with peas and rye among other things. I’m excited to see how it affects the soil nutrition next spring. And of course, am leaving a “control” space of my garden cover crop free. That area I plan to just mulch. It will be interesting to compare soil profiles next spring, I hope to do a mail-in soil test with one of our local labs then.



Here’s the finished work. You can see a few leeks, and our pruned back raspberries in the background but not a whole lot else. Ahhh, it feels good. Now for the other half of the garden….


Ah well, next week! With any luck, this gardener will have things wrapped up before December….

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2 thoughts on “Hello Garden: Weeding and Winterizing

  1. Erin, your winter garden looks so green! The heavy frost and below zero temperatures really killed anything that was still holding onto fall last week. We just harvested the last of our beets, carrots, and herbs. It is so much like a breakup or a departure with a good friend. I’m already dreaming up plans for the spring! πŸ™‚ I am curious how effective your cover crop plantings are. I am waiting for a break in the weather to plant some cover crop seeds in our beds. This was the year that we realized we seriously need to do some crop rotations and soil amendments. Good luck!!

    • Thanks Jayme! It’s been pretty warm this autumn, though the last week or so temperatures have really dropped. I will definitely post an update on the cover crop, not sure how it will do with the recent frost. πŸ™‚ What did you do with your beets? Do you pickle them? Or roast them?

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