The Mysterious Mr. Fox


Now that the season’s winding down,  I wanted to send my gardening clients a little thank-you note. And of course, since Halloween is my absolute, number one favorite holiday, it just had to be a Halloween card!

I’ve had foxes on the brain ever since our little excursion here. With that in mind, I thought what about a fox dressed up for All Hallows Eve in a mysterious mask? Oh yeah, I’m all about the adorable critters.

IMG_20141023_140813416 IMG_20141022_125707581_HDR IMG_20141022_132305215_HDR IMG_20141023_140921052A couple years ago I made some Valentine’s cards with potato stamps, and had a lot of fun doing it. So I wanted to give it another go. Here’s my process.  To make these I simply did some trial sketches, then outlined them on my potato. I made a few different fox faces and ended up with this one. After the fox had dried, I carved a little mask, and dipped that in black acrylic paint. Voila! Foxes! I added the eyes and nose with a black gel pen.


On the inside, I wrote, “Thanks for a Boo-tiful 2014”. Because, you know, the only thing awesomer than Halloween is a Halloween pun. How about you? Are you making any Halloween cards or crafts this year?

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2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mr. Fox

  1. I just have to ask … What Does the Fox Say?! – HA
    Seriously – cutest cards ever! I can’t wait to give these a try sometime for a special Halloween greeting. Happy Halloween Erin.

    • Ha ha I had that song going through my head the entire time I was making these. Love it! They were super easy, and minimal craft supplies needed. Thanks for reading and Happy Howl-o-ween Bren!

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