Pie O’Clock: Bring on the Blackberries!

I am going into fall nesting mode these days. Once in awhile on a sunny day, I find myself fantasizing about rain, a cup of tea and a good mystery novel. Don’t be surprised to see a mystery-based Book Crush one of these days soon!


The sun is still out and I am loving it, but with the summer’s harvest coming on I can’t wait to cook, broil and bake with all these gorgeous fruits and vegetables.

This time of year is one of my favorites because it means….blackberries! There’s nothing quite like the flavor of wild sun-ripened blackberries. (Even Galway Kinnell agrees with me – Listen to his poem here)


When I think of blackberries, I think of pie. Blackberries and pie go together, well, like tea and a good book. Brilliantly!


New to Pie Crust? Here’s a few quick and dirty tips to take you beyond the recipes, and really get your pie on.


Tip #1: Give yourself Spaaaaace

As someone who’s always cooked in apartment kitchens, I realize space can be at a premium. But it’s hard to get a nice, wide, even roll of pastry when your elbows are tucked into your side and your crust is creeping toward the toaster. Consider the kitchen table as an alternate work surface.

Tip #2: Icy Water is Worth It

Pastry is all about temperature. That’s why making pie crust on an extremely warm day can be so difficult. Take the time to float some ice cubes in the water you intend to use. You’ll thank me later.

Tip #3: It’s Okay to Use Your Hands

Most recipes tell you to use a pastry cutter or a fork. And while I’ll often start mixing with a fork, I get the best results using my fingers to cut the lard, shortening, butter etc into the flour.

Have fun!


How about you?  It’s been a long, hot summer. Are you ready for autumn? Dreaming about soups and raviolis like me? Still clinging to the sunshine? Or are you baking pumpkin muffins? Mmmmmm pumpkin…..






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